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Fabarm: Features & Benefits

Barrel Design Like No Other:
The possibility to use chokes tubes higher than MODIFIED is a very large benefit. Concretely when competitor barrels with MODIFIED choke tubes have a distribution of 76 % in the target, the TRIBORE HP with XTREME 0,9 choke tube has a distribution of 89 % in the target!
With FABARM XTREME 0,9 choke tube, there are 40 POINTS OF IMPACTS MORE in the target! = + 15 % points of impacts.

These results are obtained not only because of the revolutionary choke tubes, but also because of the TRIBORE® barrel ( Patented ).




The TRIBORE barrel is the only one without the disadvantage of all over-bored barrels ; a very poor penetration ! The over-bored barrels are looking for a better distribution. The innovation was to increase the bore diameter to reduce the friction and by consequence the deformed pellets number. It was born for shooting disciplines ( sporting and trap ) where penetration was not the objective ...the goal was a better distribution to break more clays.
Of course with traditionnal over-bored barrels, there is a lack of penetration: The gas is compressed in a higher volume (the bore diameter is increased from 18,40 to 18,85 mm), so less pression , a lower pellets speed ..and by consequence a REDUCED PENETRATION ( Ec= ½ mv2 ).

So What is a TRIBORE Barrel?
The TRIBORE barrel was developed 10 years ago by FABARM ( the TRIBORE HP barrel introduced in 2005 is an improved version of TRIBORE ), in reaction to over-bored barrels which were successful in Sporting and trap , is the concrete application of the VENTURI principe which said that reducing the diameter of a tube with fluid in movement inside ( gas, water etc... ) automatically the speed of this fluid will be increased.
Example : we wash our car with water, we press the tube between thumb and index finger... The pression of the water increases itself!
It’s the same logic with the TRIBORE barrel. The long conical section ( 205 mm – 8,07 “ ) which slowly reduces the bore from 18,70 to 18,40 mm will automatically increase the pellets speed, and so by consequence the penetration. No other barrel has the same performance!

1. An over-bored area to reduce frictions and recoil (diameter 18,70 mm).
2. A long conical area (205 mm) which reduce the bore diameter and which increase the pellets speed.
3. New and revolutionary choke tubes with HYPERBOLIC PROFILE.

Deep drilling technology:
This stress is so high that few competitors are frozen cryogenically their tubes to reduce a little the tension…but the results are more marketing than concrete…
This stress is so high that few competitors are frozen cryogenically their tubes to reduce a little the tension…but the results are more marketing than concrete…
There is a perfect solution to produce the best tubes: to drill solid bars of chrome molybdene steel.
Because this technology is expensive , our two largest competitors are using it only on their high grade custom shop shotguns.

To give better barrels to our clients FABARM uses only the deep drilling technology to produce all the tubes of all our shotguns

Fabarm's History

The FABARM factory is launched around 1900 by the Galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties. The name FABARM comes from FABBRICA BRESCIANA DI ARMI, literally Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. During the first decades of the twentieth century, production is mainly side-by-side shotguns and pistols. Just after the Second World War, production takes off, with over-and-under shotguns added to the production of side-by-side, Anson type ; with the production of break-down barrels for other brands; and, even more astonishingly, in the middle of the 1950s, compressed air rifles and 9mm calibre Flaubert carbines.

The decade of the 70s confirms FABARM’s industrial dimension with an enlargement of the range. To the over-and-under competition shotguns, of which the spearhead is the STL, winning several world championships, to the side-by-side shotguns with four lugs, world leader for shooting live pigeons, are added the pump-action shotguns and above all, the semi-automatic ELLEGI with its gas operating mechanism. A light firearm with an ERGAL 55 frame, the ELLEGI has an immense success in Europe and places FABARM as one of the rare businesses to master the technique of semi-automatic reloading.

In 1976, the company name Luciano Galesi is abandoned for good, to give way to the single name FABARM, the brand which could stand on its own feet. It was also around this time, three years later in 1979, that FABARM changes hands, with the retirement of Luciano Galesi. The new owner, a young and brilliant marketing director of the greatest Italian brand of the time, immediately understands the enormous potential of this business, as well as the transformation which takes place when markets turn to mass consumption. He therefore forms a group of shareholders; then, a few years later, organises the removal of the business from Brescia itself to large, modern buildings at Travagliato (a town a few kilometres from Brescia) and carries out an impressive international business development plan, from the USA to Scandinavia, with Europe as the centre of the target. The range is built around semi-automatic shotguns, pump-action and break-down shotguns. It is also the period of commercial agreements with very large distribution companies, allowing for sales of over 3,000 FABARM firearms per month. Massive investment in production capacity, industrial logic, taking part in the first international weapons exhibitions: a presence at the birth of modern marketing. FABARM excels at it! For example, there’s a change of legislation limiting for the semi-auto the magazine capacity to three rounds … and FABARM is the first manufacturer to put on the market a shotgun holding only three shotshells, thus having a lighter and more manageable shotgun than the competition, which has to make do with a magazine capacity reducer.


FABARM owns patents which will be very important for the brand’s future (TRIBORE barrels, PULSE pistons, etc.) they also contribute to the recognition of the modern, serious, innovative yet un-provocative design upon which FABARM has built its identity. The brand’s flagship models are the semi-automatic LION H35 TITAN firearm and the AXIS over-under shotgun, first marketed in 2004 and 2005 respectively.


Traditional forms now give way to more audacious lines and engravings are now laser etched allowing for ever more innovative designs. FABARM is also at the cutting edge for surface finishes, with their revolutionary Titanium and Zirconium PVD process. In 2005 FABARM launched the new TRIBORE HP barrel, the first barrel design to include removable 82mm INNER HP choke tubes with hyperbolic profiles in the place of the rectilinear cones manufactured by the competition. The ballistic quality of FABARM barrels confirms the position on the industry’s cutting edge.

Our Barrels:

2008 was the year in which legislation concerning “non-toxic” shotshells, using mostly steel shot, hit many European countries. The mechanical constraints of these “steel-shot” ammunitions were an ideal opportunity for FABARM to stand out from its competitors thanks to the profile of its TRIBORE HP barrel. The hyperbolic choke tubes, launched by the brand three years earlier (INNER HP and EXIS HP), are now the only choke tubes that can use the “high-performance” steel-shot ammunition in choke tubes tighter than modified, including the full choke. 2008 was also the year in which FABARM established with the Gardone Val Trompia Italian CIP proof house a bench test into application for all latest products generation, using the impressive pressure rating of 1630 BAR.

The launch of the XLR 5 shotgun at the start of 2008, XLR stands for “extra-long range”, further confirmed FABARM’s position as the market leader for firearms intended for intensive use with heavy load cartridges, including lead-shot substitutes. FABARM is also at this time the first manufacturer to use WEAVER grooves standard for mounts on semi-automatic shotgun frame.


In January 2011 one of the two FABARM S.p.A shareholders withdrew after 31 years, opting to merge with CAESAR GUERINI, founded through a partnership with FABARM at the end of the 1990s. This new shareholding arrangement strengthened and secured various production and industrial synergies that the two brands had developed together over the previous dozen or so years. This renewed and closer collaboration gave rise to the semi-automatic XLR 5 VELOCITY shotgun, one year later in January 2012.

In December 2015 the other long-standing shareholder of FABARM S.p.A. sold up, allowing CAESAR GUERINI to become the sole shareholder. The consolidation of this new group further strengthened commercial synergy through a notably strong presence on the American market through its Maryland based FABARM USA structure. At the same time this unit became the second largest Italian company in the light civilian firearms sector.