Axis S&H (Sport & Hunting)

The AXIS S&H (SPORT & HUNTING) features a light soldered sporting barrel and a specially designed non-adjustable stock that is not only designed for the “parcours” but also for high birds and waterfowl.
Its optimized weight and balance make it fast and stable on the target. The forend, lightly slim, provides a perfect handling. The AXIS S&H includes both the extended EXIS HP choke tubes and INNER HP tubes. Two recoil pads are delivered with the gun to allow the user to perform in all disciplines, adapting the length of pull. With its satin black finishing, the two-tone logo and a very elegant engraving the AXIS SPORT & HUNTING focuses on the contrast between tradition and modern design.

Delivered with 3 Inner H.P & 3 External H.P chokes, soft barrel & stock cloths and in Fabarm's Integrale Case.


Fabarm U.K 3 Mechanical Warranty

Available in 12GA with a 30" barrel.

£ 1,750


Axis S+H Specs.png