XLR5 Velocity

The XLR 5 VELOCITY is a shotgun incorporating a long list of features never before available on a semi-automatic shotgun. The most obvious feature is an adjustable point-of-impact rib. The rib elevation is easily adjusted with a small thumb wheel at the muzzle end. Point of impact

is adjustable from a 50/50% to 90/10% pattern without the use of tools.

Another first on a semi-auto is the adjustable trigger for length-of-pull. There is also a standard weight system built into the fore-end cap that allows the shooter to adjust the balance.

XLR 5 VELOCITY chamber has been restricted to accept only 2 3⁄4” ammunition to easily handle the lightest target loads.

Delivered with 5 EXIS HP Chokes, barrel & stock cloths all nicely presented in a hard ABS Case.


Fabarm U.K 3 year mechanical warranty.

Available in 12GA Only with a 30" or 32" barrel.

£ 2,000


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